Do you know that 80% of the buyer’s decision to buy a product or acquire service is done without any single sales or marketing calls?

Most buyers rely on the things they find on the Internet. They look for a review, ask for advice, seek recommendations, and even watch videos or posts from influencers to help them determine whether a product is reliable, or if the service can help them solve their problem.

Is it the perfect time to work on your digital marketing? If you are ready to embrace new challenges to give you a nudge and surpass inevitable difficulties in the digital market, then take on this challenge.

Some of the goals and resolutions you are looking forward to your business include:

  • Web redesigning for a new look
  • Growth of the target audience
  • Find new prospective customers and audience
  • Effectively use email marketing
  • Write a blog content
  • Post-visually-enriched content

If one of these goals and resolutions is something you want to achieve for your business, then we invite you to spend the 30-Day Digital Marketing Challenge with us. Kick start things to improve your business!

Let’s start today.

Grab our 30-Day Digital Marketing Product Challenge to boost your business website. It is designed for entrepreneurs, business owners, beginners in the digital world, and marketing managers.

Hand in hand we will share with you how to solve and tweak some of your digital marketing efforts. Aim to engage more with your target audience and generate more new leads.

30-Day Digital Marketing Challenge

The 30-Day Challenge will cover the following:

  • Audience Engagement: Know and understand your audience more.
  • Generate New Leads: Use the tools and actions that could help you generate new leads.
  • Gain Customer Insights: Look for tools that can help you with online support to engage with your target audience and generate new prospects.
  • Save Time Online: You will know how to save time by using automation tools.
  • Roundup Tools for Digital Marketing: Determine reliable tools that can help you generate leads using digital marketing.
  • Build Brand Identity: Boost brand awareness and determine your impact on your target audience.
  • Create Engaging Content: Create, search, share, and organize engaging content online to deliver positive results.
  • Monitor and Analyze Success Metrics: Determine how to measure and analyze success metrics with online performance through tools.

Gain reliable and expert knowledge with the challenge. How does that sound?

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