Unsurprisingly, several websites use the FAQ scheme in search results. However, Google already said this markup could be utilised on any page. 

For us, digital marketers, it is a wrong move for publishers. The FAQ scheme will look spammy and creates zero sense. Some even say Google will roll back this feature or at least not display it on SERP.

It’s up to you to use and test it on some of your pages. However, do not add the FAQ scheme to all of your pages on your website. Instead, focus on your pages’ content rather than using hacks like the FAQ scheme.

What is FAQPage Structured Data?

FAQPage is a newly introduced markup from schema.org. It is utilised by digital marketers to showcase their content on Google as a rich result. You can build the markup using JSON-LD or Microdata to have the SERP treatment.

When was this feature introduced to all users?

The FAQPage Structured Data was first announced at Google Dance Singapore last July 26, 2018. At the same time, the full rollout was announced on May 8, 2019. One of the first digital marketers published with FAQPage Structured Data was noticed on May 10, 2019, only two days after the announcement.

Is the feature available worldwide?

Yes, definitely! It is available in all countries. You can try one now if you like.

Which device will the FAQ feature appear when added?

Unlike the How To markup, the FAQ schema appears both on mobile and desktop. Currently, the How To markup is only compatible on Mobile. Thus, if you use How To, you can only see the rich results on the device. That’s the advantage of FAQPage structured data. It has rich results.

Is the FAQ markup applicable if the page is designed for users to submit answers to a single question?

FAQPage is different from the QAPage markup. Don’t confuse the two– QAPage gives questions while FAQPage gives out answers to frequently asked questions. If you want users to submit questions on your page, you have to use the QAPage.

Is the FAQ markup a significant opportunity for website owners to gain more visibility on Search?

Honestly speaking, with its current situation and guidelines, it’s not a significant opportunity for web owners. The types of content that have FAQ markup will not necessarily receive much Search visibility as Google SERP highly focuses on the content’s nature.

Where can I find the instructions on how to add a FAQ scheme to my website?

It’s best to know first the basics of the FAQPage markup. You can start by reading Google’s Developer Documentation.

What tools do I need to test whether I correctly implemented the FAQ scheme to my page?

You only need a few Google tools for the FAQ page markup to implement and run it. These tools are:


How many FAQ markups can I add to a page and have them appear in the search results?

You can add up to 10 FAQs to your markup, and they will appear in Google’s search results. After the 10th row, your snippet will have the ‘view more’ link at the bottom.

How many FAQs can appear on the Google SERP?

Only three webpages that use the FAQ markup are displayed on the SERP treatment, and it’s only visible on the first page on SERP. If you use the markup and rank on the 2nd page of SERP, your web page will not receive the SERP treatment.

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