Can we monetize our blogs and website? You sure can, and you do not need to be a digital marketing expert to do so. You only need the basic knowledge of Google AdSense and tips to maximize earnings.

Yes, you read it right. There are multiple ways to make money with Google AdSense. Do not keep missing out opportunities when it comes to making money with Google!

Quick Recap: What is Google AdSense?

AdSense is an advertising program powered by Google. It allows business owners to run ads on websites, blogs, and YouTube videos. Businesses can generate ads from the Google AdWords program they use to place special AdSense codes onto the blog or website. When target audiences click on the ads, you get paid, as well as Google from the advertiser. Hopefully, the advertiser gets paid with their potential customers, too!

It is better to display ads than to place ads. You can have several pages that show Adwords ads. Even Google recommends having a minimum of 20 pages before you apply and facilitate AdSense.

Your website can generate revenue without you dealing with customers as it is not your product. However, to be successful in using AdSense, you have to be prepared to drive more traffic to your website. You have to apply practical digital marketing actions and pay attention to search engine optimization.

AdSense Tips to Maximize Earnings - Maximize Earnings

Helpful Tips to Maximize Earnings

As we know how great monetizing our website is, there are still several AdSense users who fall to some common mistakes. Before you realize you are way below your maximum earning potential, we have a few tips to help you optimize your website. We are hopeful that it can enhance user experience and increase your revenue.

Create the Right Type of Website

Do you know that different types of websites perform better than others, especially when generating AdSense revenues? Well, there are two keys to maximize earnings with Google AdSense: high-quality content and web traffic.

High-quality content talks about attracting new audiences to the site and bringing visitors back every day. It would be best to have a balance of both, in that way, you are bringing in new traffic and making sure that a part of that traffic will convert into loyal audiences.

Furthermore, the sites that are best for Google Adsense are those types that will attract new and repeat target audiences. Which includes the following:

  • Blog sites
  • Free online tools
  • Forums and discussions
  • Social networks

Take note, there are still different types of websites that you can work on, but they are the most available types to optimize and works well with Google AdSense ads.

Publish high-quality content

Without content, there will be no place to apply ads. Publishing high-quality content with a topic that interests the target audience will help gain traffic. More so, write content with the expertise to make the readers feel you are a leader and expert in the niche.

Publish your content regularly. Google algorithm gives those kinds of content a higher ranking leading to more traffic. Create great content that your target market finds helpful and exciting. Do not forget to optimize your content for search engine results, and a higher rank will yield more organic traffic in the long run.

High-quality content is the first and most crucial tip for maximizing your earnings. All of the following tips are just tweaks. When we talk about AdSense earnings, it will all boil down to content.

Build an Audience before applying AdSense

Although it is natural to feel the urge to set up AdSense after publishing the first piece of content, please avoid this temptation. Aggressively placing ads on your website before gaining enough audience will put off your target audience. It will limit your ability to have an authority in your niche. After you publish high-quality content, focus on gaining enough audience before you start displaying ads.

Color Strategy of the Ad Unit

Did you know that the Ad colors have a significant influence over their performance over time? There are three color strategies you can apply to your Ad units. You can approach your Ad units in several ways.

  • Blend colors will make the Ad units look similar to the content. But, you will still notice a slight difference between the Ads and the content on the page. There is a need to employ delineation as it can be considered a violation of Google policy.
  • Complement colors use those that are already on your website but do not match with the borders and background colors.
  • Contrast colors will help your Ad units to stand out from the content.

However, there is no conclusive study of which strategy best yields high performance. So, it is best to test the strategy and look for what works best for your website. You can edit the Ads and run them for some time to differentiate which approach can monetize more.

Use Different Ad Options

The sole purpose of having Ad units is to capture the attention of the website visitors. Luckily, Google AdSense offers different options that will help you show your ads on your pages.

  • Animated image appears as dynamic images.
  • Display ads have a graphic format, and the size of the unit ad will depend on its placement.
  • Link units will appear as topics that are related to the contents on your website. When a visitor clicks on the ad link, they will be redirected to a Google ads page.
  • Rich media appears as a flash, video, and HTML format.
  • Text or sponsored links are the ad units that appear one or two lines of text format. Text ads usually include the title and address of the business.

Proper Placement of the Ads

You cannot randomly place the ads on your page anywhere. You need to identify the optimal places where you can make your Ads appear on the site pages. When ads are placed on its proper placement, you will generate more clicks and drive more Ad revenue.

Place the Ad “above the fold.” When you say above the fold, it is the part of your website that you directly see without the need to scroll down. Your ad should be on the topmost part of your page. Ads placed above the fold are difficult for visitors to ignore.

Furthermore, do not push down the content. You have to be aware of the regulations of Google. Your website should not contain top massive ads, and you could get a penalty for that. That’s why it is better to have your website a layout that will highlight your content.

Place Near the CTAs

We all know that Call to Actions (CTA) invites the visitors to take a particular action on the page. CTAs are either in buttons, social sharing tools, or forms. If you use a CTA, you may consider placing an ad beside it. Call to actions are known to grab the attention of visitors; that’s why it can help cast light on the ads.

But, you have to remember that the CTA on the page is more important than the ads. Thus, make sure that the ads do not grab the visitor’s attention away from the CTAs.

Review and Optimize Ads

Do not be complacent with the ad layouts. It is best to perfect the art of testing every method for monetization. Everything that deals with AdSense and your ads should be revised. You can set a schedule every month to compare the revenue of the best performing ads before the ads in the previous months. That way, you will know which formats and placement work best for your page. If your Google Ads are not working, quickly attend and fix the problem to prevent losing some revenue.

Keep Updated

Lastly, keep yourself updated with the new trends and policies of AdSense. Research brilliant optimization ideas for AdSense. You can look for ideas and take inspiration from them to gain more mileage and increase the performance of your AdSense account.

If you want to maximize your potential earnings with Google AdSense, then be sure to look into the mentioned tips and get started. Ready to grow your ad revenue? If you would like to learn more about how you can optimize your website and dramatically boost your earnings, Blue Water Digital can help you.

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