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Whether you are on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube– nearly every social media platform or e-commerce website out there is hungry for Google Reviews.
The digital culture is practically run on online reviews, it is critical to score a spot on Google Reviews.

Online reviews have a democratic process of which users post positive feedback of your business or publicly shame the business owner because of their dissatisfaction.

Did you know that 90% of the customers claim that their buying decision is greatly influenced by the online reviews found on business sites?

If we put it that way, it means online reviews can help generate more customers or it could break the reputation of your business.

Whether you are a digital marketer or a business owner that hopes to amplify their Google search ranking, you should know that the center to your success is to have online reviews.

In this article, let us take a look at the powerful advantages of Google Reviews and how to encourage your customers to write a positive review. More so, let us not skip the process of how you should handle a negative customer review.

How Important are Google Reviews?

Businesses boost their credibility through Google Reviews without spending anything. Google Reviews give our business websites several benefits which include local SEO ranking, boost brand reputation, and help the target audience know more about the products and services you offer.

Google Reviews give businesses the opportunity to prove themselves to potential consumers. Expensive ad campaigns and attention-grabbing ad copies have lesser relevance when it comes to the context of business reviews. It provides transparency and proof of how the products and services are true to what they are marketing. Google Reviews help potential customers make an informed decision on whether they will engage with the business or not.

So, why do you need to take advantage of Google Reviews?

Google Reviews Builds Brand Reputation and Boosts SEO

We all know that the Google search algorithm is complicated to understand. But, we are certain that applying Google reviews greatly helps the impact on the local search. Almost 10% of the entire search algorithm is driven by review signals. These signals are focused around the diversity, quantity, and velocity of reviews.

If you have a good combination of these review signals, it will help your local business get a high rank in the local Google search results. It has the same impact of utilizing the traditional SEO strategies. Google business reviews could be one of your most successful marketing strategies when you properly use it.

Your business will be displayed on the Map Pack. Map Packs is a list of businesses near your local search. It includes the name, link of the business website, address, and contact number of your business. In addition, it provides the total number of reviews and the average rating.


Increases Brand Trust

Today, transparency has become more valued by most consumers. It greatly accredits the accessibility of information on any business. They can easily search for a product or service before buying it. Most consumers read reviews to determine the quality of service or product the business offers.

A survey report shows that almost 75% of consumers claim that positive reviews make them trust the local business. It would be helpful for businesses to improve their competition by having more Google reviews. Thus, when given a negative review, you have to respond and provide solutions quickly to further build customers’ trust.

Improves Click-Through Rates

We all know the advantages of SEO strategy on our businesses. But, no matter how much we spend and optimize our website, the efforts might go in vain if the customers will not trust your offers and services.

Fortunately, Google Reviews pave the way to improve the click-through rate of your site when it appears on the search engine. The Google Review rating will show up next to the business name in the search engine. Thus, it is best to have several positive review ratings to increase the click-through rate of your site.

Increases Conversion Rates

When potential customers click through your page, you are getting their attention. Now, you have to entice them to purchase from your products or services. Although a well-designed and user-friendly website is a plus, online reviews from real customers is powerful enough to convert your target audience to customers.

Thus, any business with a strong Google rating should have their rating all over their website. The reviews will increase the customer’s trust.

Feedback Loop and Suggestions

Last but not the least, Google reviews provide feedback loops and suggestions that are a great help for business owners. Each review your business receives serves as a customer survey response that will give you a few ideas about the performance of your company and how your products or services satisfy the customer.

Moreover, you can easily identify the areas you need to improve. Always monitor and view Google reviews after a purchase. If you find a negative review, respond quickly and provide the needed solution to their complaints.

How to Get More Google Reviews for Business Websites?

I bet you are pumped to have more online reviews now that you know its benefits. If so, calm down and do not spring into action. Scratch that idea off– do not buy online reviews to have an immediate boost.

You have to be careful as customers can easily spot fake or incentivized reviews, so as to search engines. Thus, stick to truthfully asking customers to leave a review after their purchase. You could send them emails or advertise your Google Review to them. After all, the ethical route will give you worry-less results.

How to Deal with Negative Customer Review

As you are busy asking customers to provide an online review, there is a great possibility that you could receive negative feedback.

But, it is better to expect negative reviews. As the saying goes, you cannot please everyone. So, instead of getting discouraged with the negative reviews, make it an opportunity to improve.

When you encounter a negative customer review, how will you react with it?

1. Pay Attention. What Did the Customer Say?

Examine the review objectively. Do not read it with your emotions. Set your personal views first and look at the situation objectively. Take it as an honest opinion.

Personally, it is challenging to accept it with an open arm. But, if you want your business to be a success, you have to be open with criticism.

Negative reviews will give you an insight into what things within your business needs improvement. If you fail to acknowledge the addressed issue in the review, there is a chance that you would gain more negative reviews that will address the same issue.

You have to take action with the negative reviews to give justice to your efforts of collecting online reviews.

2. Acknowledge Review and Provide Solution

We are sometimes hurt by the negative reviews, but when acknowledging the comment, do not argue with your customer, even though you disagree on what they say. Remember, people are watching over you on social media. Always aim for objectivity and professionalism when doing customer service interaction.

Thus, it would always be a good idea to leave a comment where the online review is given than to send a private email. Comments would show that you are proactive and eager to give out solutions to the negative experiences of your customers.

We would love to give you a helpful framework– HEARD, when dealing with a negative review:


The fact that you take time to respond and take action on the reviews left by your customers will give a positive image of your customer service, and more people will trust you.

3. Acknowledge Positive Reviews

As you accept and acknowledge negative reviews, do not shy away those who are leaving positive feedback. Pay attention to what they are saying as they could also leave some suggestions on their comments. Also, you build rapport when you talk to your satisfied customers. That’s when these satisfied customers become your regulars.

4. Prompt Response

Make sure that you respond promptly to negative online reviews, as well as the positive reviews. As technology has paved the way, customers expect that business customer service is quick to respond to their problems.

With this, customer service or business owners have to monitor their online reviews on a daily basis. It would be better to do it regularly to make sure online reviews are not overlooked.

However, you also have to be prompt in giving responses to positive reviews. You have to engage with your satisfied customers. After all, they are the ones who can vouch for the quality of your products and services. Satisfied customers could also bring new ones.

Final Thoughts

Today, the impact of positive reviews is quite understated. Whichever platform you go, online reviews are the first thing consumers would check before doing anything else.

As a business owner, it is crucial for us to build and manage our online reputation for our success. Online reviews have a significant impact on why your target audience should choose the products and services you offer.

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