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It is quite obvious how powerful social media is today, and it is a challenge for influencers and business owners who use social media marketing to rise above the competition. As social media algorithms are continuously changing towards relevance-based curation, marketers have to improve their strategies to create high-quality content and maximize their opportunities to earn more engagement.

One significant factor to stay ahead of the competition is to know the best time to post on social media. Read more of the article to discover which time is best to post across social networks. You will have an idea which is the best day and time or the worst to post on social media. You may create a social media marketing calendar to lay your posts with a greater purpose.

Best Time Schedule to Post on Facebook


  • Global best time: 11 AM, 1 to 2 PM
  • Global best day: Wednesday
  • Global worst day: Sunday

A key factor to engage with the continuously evolving algorithm of Facebook is the authenticity of the posts. If you know when to interact and share content, you can pique their interest.

It has been observed that Wednesday is the day most industries post. As the activity increases in the middle of the week, it narrows the possibility for most industries on the weekends. You will hardly get any of your audience’s attention on Saturday and Sunday.

As a whole, Facebook shows to have the most consistent audience engagement on Tuesday to Thursday from 8 AM to 3 PM, these times are considered “safe” to post. However, the time with the lowest engagement is before 7 AM or after 5 PM. The time pattern will help marketers identify when their audience is active on Facebook.

Best Time Schedule to Post on Instagram


  • Global best time: 3 PM
  • Global best day: Wednesday
  • Global worst day: Sunday

The second-most social media platform that marketers use is Instagram, and in the incoming years, social media marketing experts predict that Instagram will increase its user base. Instagram is a Facebook-owned platform, that’s why it has a similar global user pattern to Facebook. It has the same peak and low audience engagement days.

If you look at Instagram with its global usage pattern, you will notice that audience engagement is consistent on Mondays through Fridays from 9 AM to 4 PM. However, it has been observed that Instagram has a low engagement every day before 6 AM and after 9 PM.

Moreover, if you compare Instagram to other platforms, the audience engagement on weekends and mornings have scattered points. It could be the effect of the increasing use of Instagram stories. Instagram stories are easy to check at any time.

Best Time Schedule to Post on Twitter


  • Global best time: 9 AM
  • Global best day: Wednesday and Friday
  • Global worst day: Saturday

Marketers who want to connect with their audiences directly– from mentions, thread conversations, to messages, they use Twitter. It is the top social media platform to use in building this kind of connection. There are listening solutions for Twitter to determine which opportunities are the best to truly have authentic feedback. It is best to know what your target audience wants to know more about your product or which of your services or content they dislike and needs improvement.

But, staying on top of the audience engagement is only a small portion of the overall Twitter marketing strategy. It is important to line up the contents and post it at the right time to get the full attention of your target audience.

The peak times to post Twitter content is on Wednesdays and Fridays at 9 AM. But if you want to post on the safest schedule to engage with your audience, it is best to post on Mondays through Fridays between 8 AM to 4 PM.

Among the social media platforms, it appears that the audiences on Twitter use the platform daily in the early morning to catch up on the latest news and the updates they have missed. The audience engagement declines later in the day, the lowest time for engagement happens every day before 4 AM and after 10 PM.

Best Time Schedule to Post on LinkedIn


  • Global best time: 8-10 AM, 12 NN on Wednesday; 9 AM, 1-2 PM on Thursday, 9 AM on Friday
  • Global best day: Wednesday and Thursday
  • Global worst day: Sunday

LinkedIn targets a more specific type of audience from other social networks. Its audiences are more focused on professional users. You can utilize the combination of the targeting options, advanced search, and highly motivated user base. LinkedIn is the ideal platform for lead generation tactics.

Moreover, several LinkedIn users and marketers start to think outside the box. They are using unique strategies on the platform.

If you post share-worthy content, the most reliable engagement happens during the workweek, between Tuesday through Friday from 8 AM to 2 PM. Audience engagement rate declines after working hours, the lowest engagement is before 4 AM, and after 8 PM. It has also been observed that Monday has slightly lower engagement, and the reason might be they’re catching up on the post-weekend activities.

Final Thoughts

Do not forget how post schedules are essential in making a significant result. It is a vital component of social quality. Make sure that you are creating your social media strategy to bring value to your audience and create an authentic brand voice.

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