There are several analogies in differentiating User Experience (UX) design and User Interface (UI) design. After thinking for quite some time, I found the best analogy between UX design and UI design.

Let’s say a website or software is a house. The User Experience (UX) design is the structure and function of the house (electrics, house layout, and plumbing). Meanwhile, the User Interface (UI) design is the hardware around the house (doorknobs, paint, faucet).

Now, let’s get into details.

User Experience (UX) Design

A potential or active customer interacts with the company through User Experience (UX) Design. It is associated with the digital journey. Thus, it incorporates everything, from interactions with customer service to product packaging.

UX designers heavily consider the business marketing goals and objectives. Thus, they meticulously determine the users’ pain points and conducts competitive analysis to know how their products and services are performing.

Aside from that, UX designers consider the company’s digital assets and information architecture. They map out the journey of the users, organise and label the content. If the UX designers have understood their audience’s goals, they can easily make good decisions in making their audience take action.

User Interface (UI) Design

Unlike UX, User Interface (UI) Design is strictly in a digital term. It is about the appearance and feel of the website or application the user interacts with. Designers make sure that the website or application is intuitive as possible. Thus, it requires careful consideration in every element a user will encounter. It should be themed appropriately and aesthetically pleasing.

It is evident that both UX design and UI design complements each other. They overlap in user interaction. But, UX design is in charge of determining how the user interface operates. Meanwhile, UI designers are assigned on how the website looks when users interact with it. Both are integral to how the website is accessible.

Research is crucial for both UX and UI design, and it should be done frequently. If the digital asset is already available to the public, there should be 2 or more different versions to aid in determining which version the users prefer.

Moreover, UI designers have to understand the user expectations. The visual language of the website or application should match the theme. Designers often research how similar apps were designed in the past. Although designers can reinvent, using what has worked before may help appease users.

It is Important to Know

Today, businesses need to have a digital asset to have a competitive edge in the market. That’s why most of them seek help from digital marketing agencies. If you are one of those looking for an agency to partner with, you have to understand their services.

UX design and UI design are crucial in driving revenue growth by giving customers a great experience. Thus, you should not overlook this concept– be wise and know the differences between UX design and UI design.

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