Email marketing is the ultimate strategy for online sellers and business owners. It provides convenience to both the marketer and consumer. They can easily access news, updates, exclusive discounts, or newly released products through email campaigns.

When we say email marketing, it is a well-designed marketing email that customers directly receive from you.

We all know how we can easily access our emails, right? That’s why email marketing, or email direct marketing (EDM) campaigns, is the most cost-effective and accessible method. However, most of the marketers overlook and underestimate this method.

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What is Email Marketing?

The modern communication era started in the 1970s; Ray Tomlison sent the very first email. He coined the “@” symbol in the email addresses. If you’d ask what’s the content of the first email– it wasn’t that special. The email is composed of random numbers and letters. The process of sending emails before was nothing compared to how we do it today.

What is Email Marketing

A few years later, Gary Thuerk, the Marketing Manager of Digital Equipment Corporation, sent the first commercial email. He sent a single email to a list of email addresses. And there, email marketing was introduced. Even though the email was only sent to a few people, he was named the Father of SPAM.

Email marketing helps business owners connect with their target audience to promote their brand and products and increase their sales. There are several things you can do with sending emails. You can sell products, share exclusive news, and improve your cart abandonment.

Use an email builder to easily find the right template for your emails. Whether you are about to welcome new subscribers, notify target customers for special discounts, or sharing stories with your repetitive consumers.

Which Platform to Use for Email Marketing?

Whether you are a first-timer or a pro in email marketing, we recommend MailChimp. It has the support and tools you need for creating emails, building lists, and sending automated emails– basically everything you need. You can find a wide array of features, from automation to data collection and optimization of emails.

How Much Does MailChimp Cost?

MailChimp gives their users two options– FREE or paid subscription, When you create an account in MailChimp, you can experiment with their tools to help you figure out how to use their all-in-one marketing platform.

We expect that your audience will continuously grow, and so does the pricing plans. You have to upgrade it to meet your needs.

How do I Setup an Effective Email Campaign?

As email marketing is the most cost-effective method to promote your business, we want to tell you a secret on how you can build your brand and increase your sales. Our team uses MailChimp EDM for successful campaigns.

MailChimp makes everything easier– they represent cheeky chimps. You can easily create emails through their templates and personalize it to ensure that your target audience will read your email.

You can read more of our digital marketing guides, browse and learn anything else to make the most of your online platform.

New to Email Marketing and Digital Marketing?

Whenever you need assistance, we are here for you. You can keep in touch with our experts. Whether you are experiencing a roadblock or something you want to learn, send us a message.

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