Developers have made everything more accessible these days.

Whether you have to create, manage, or protect a website, you can find several solutions on the Internet. Some of these solutions are even free to use!

WordPress is the most popular and widely used content management system among website owners for their blog or business website. As websites have become easier to create and manage, the number of websites has ballooned to 1.88 billion. As the numbers increase, the number of victims of cybercrimes also increases.

Nowadays, 30,000 websites are hacked daily.

What if your website is targeted and hacked? Do you have a website backup solution? But, what if you caused the problem; you accidentally deleted the wrong file or made a change that broke your website?

Unfortunately, some or worst, all of your essential data and website are gone when this happens. Your safety net is a website backup. Fortunately, if you are using WordPress for your website, it offers several free and premium backup plugins. These website backup plugins help you quickly back up and restore your website.

Don’t wait for a disaster to sweep through your precious digital assets.

Free Website Backup Solution in WordPress

Choose the backup plugin that suits your needs.

BackupGuard Pro

A free plugin that offers the complete features that you need— that’s BackupGuard Pro is. You can easily backup, migrate or restore your files and database. Moreover, it allows you to download a copy of your backup and keep it on your computer.

You can selectively restore the backed up files or database to have the precise website version you need. It is safer for you to schedule automatic website backups to ensure that you can restore the website to its current version.


UpDraftPlus believes that not all website backup solutions are developed equally. More so, they think that they are more advanced than any of their rivals. Well, they stated facts. UpdraftPlus has been through several scenarios and is trusted by millions of WordPress websites.

You can manually or automatically create a backup of your entire website to your web server, email, FTP server, or even to an external cloud service. Although the free features of UpDraftPlus are a big help, subscribing to their premium has more to offer.


You can install the BackWPup plugin to save your complete website installation, including the /wp-content/. A single backup file can store all the information you need to restore your website. If you are more comfortable with external backup services, you can use cloud service, S3, FTP, and more.


Among the website backup solutions on WordPress, Duplicator is one of the most popular. It does not only offer website backup but duplicates, clones, move and transfer an entire website database from one location to another— and what’s the catch? It has 0 downtimes.

If you want advanced features of this plugin, you can have the premium. You can schedule backups and send them to external cloud storage. Other than that, Duplicator supports managed hosts.

Use duplicator to perform a backup or migration without struggling with import and export SQL scripts.


You can back up your entire website on the schedule that suits you best.

The plugin works on both Windows and Linux servers. Backup data are stored in zip and mysqldump, which makes backups faster. Unfortunately, BackUPWordPress does not support or sell paid add-ons, such as sending your backup files to Google Drive or Dropbox.

BackUpWordPress only stores your backups on your server in /wp-content/backups. Although this plugin is free, its inability to backup the files to cloud storage or protect against server-wide risks is a downside.

No More Excuses — Install these Website Backup Solutions

Website downtime has several causes. It could be a plugin or theme incompatibility, server host problem, database crash, or worst, a cyberattack. But, you should not give these things an opportunity, especially if you can install free website backup solutions for your WordPress site.

If the worst thing happens, you are confident that you can quickly restore your website. Install the backup solution that best suits you and regularly do some website backup.

Remember, the most expensive backup solution is the one you never installed. Also, do not forget to test your backup solutions.

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