Do you manage a nonprofit organisation? You may have heard about the understated program of Google for nonprofit organisations. Well, not all are aware of these services because Google does not promote the tool that much.

If you are looking for ways to rank high in Google search, Google for Nonprofits is the solution. It offers unique suite tools from which you can significantly benefit. You can reach a wider audience and encourage more donors to donate and register as members.

What’s more intriguing is the ad grants– let’s stop right here for now. Let’s discuss Google for Nonprofits bit by bit.

What is Google for Nonprofits?

Google for Nonprofits has several tools and services that purposely help nonprofits reach a wider audience. Even before the pandemic, it has been difficult for nonprofit organisations to find donors and volunteers for their initiatives. More so, it became worse after the outburst of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Although it has the same suite of tools, it helps nonprofit organisations have existing features. As many organisations face economic difficulties, they struggle to invite members and donations, making the competition tighter.

Luckily, Google for Nonprofits has set tools to help adapt and grow organisations even the difficult times. The best direct benefit you can have from Google for Nonprofits is the ad grants. It provides free thousands-worth of Google ads.

Features of Google for Nonprofits

Look into this set of tools featured by Google for Nonprofits. Each of these tools will help your organisation adapt and thrive in these difficult times.


You are probably familiar with GSuite. It has all the work tools you need, from documents, spreadsheets, and email. It is the same with Google Workspace, but Workspace is its profit version. GSuite is probably the most widely used app for organisations– making it the most useful.

Google for Nonprofits gives out unlimited Gmail accounts that end with your domain. Other than that, you can enjoy 30GB of space for Drive documents and email hosting. Moreover, you, the admin account, have access to all of the organisation’s accounts.

How much can you save?

Compared with the paid accounts, you can save $5 for each person per month.

Google Grants

Overall, the best feature you can benefit from Google for Nonprofits is the Google Grants. Where can you find someone who will sponsor $10,000 worth of PPC campaign? Although the ads are only in text and run on Google, that’s already much more than you could imagine, right?

You can reach out to more people through ad grants. Without getting a single penny from your organisation funds, you can promote your next campaign initiatives or attract more prospective donors.

Create keywords-targeted campaigns to have higher authority on topics relevant to your campaign. Install the Google conversion tracking tool to measure the performance of your campaigns, keywords, and ads.

How much can you save?

You can save up to $10.000 a month and it generates donations. The $10,000-worth free credit for Google ads roughly translates to 5,000 web visitors per month!

YouTube Nonprofit Program

It’s known that Google owns YouTube, through Google for Nonprofits, you will have access to some powerful video marketing features. If you do not have YouTube for marketing strategies, it’s now the time to consider it.

If visual content is the way to catch the audience attention, then video content is the best way to engage with them emotionally and intellectually. With today’s technology, creating video content for nonprofit marketing is not a big deal. Much more if you can have additional assistance from Google.

You have the opportunity to gain more subscriber count throughout the year. Although YouTube Spaces are selective with requests, you can apply for over 10,000 subscribers. But, it is more of a good idea to reach that subscriber count before applying.

Moreover, it gives you the chance to connect with creators and influencers. You can try to put a donation card in one of their videos to reach a new audience.

How much can you save?

If you gain donations through your YouTube content, it spares you 2.9% and $0.30 fee for processing charge. But, that’s better than charged with thousands, right?

Google One Today

A pay-it-forward application developed by Google, this daily donation app increases visibility to nonprofits. If you use the app, Google One Today suggests a nonprofit to consider donating to each day.

How does this help nonprofit organisations? Although it is still a new and small initiative, it is a big step for nonprofits to reach new audiences. Nonprofits or community organisations should take the leverage of Google One Today. It is a smaller and less competitive platform– you can receive small donations in the app or gain new contacts to invite to your website.

How much can you save?

You do not have to pay for processing fees, but it takes time and effort to make your campaigns appealing.

Google Earth and Google Maps

Millions of Google users use Google Maps in navigating through their daily trips. What not everyone realises is Google Maps, and Google Earth provides an advanced map and geo-location features.

It has features tailored for nonprofit organisations. Any nonprofit all over the world are involved. What’s stopping you from showing your website visitors and potential donors the locations you are active? That would be a powerful move!

Visual data is a powerful motivator for people to give out support. In addition, when explaining your initiatives, Google map takes the potential donors to the spot. It is quite helpful during the pandemic, as travels and live visits are still restricted. Google Earth can showcase specific locations to bring closer their organisation to those who are interested.

With Google Earth and Google Maps, you can:

  • Host a virtual tour of the place or your headquarters. Google provides instant and high-quality images of the site.
  • Create custom maps.
  • Highlight the location of your supporters, volunteers, and donors on the donor map.
  • Look for relief and solution for problems.

How much can you save?

The basic Google Map features are free. But, if you want premium access, Google Maps Platform provides $200 in credits and charges for additional usage. But again, costs are negligible for Google for Nonprofits. It provides access to 25,000 maps a day for free.

You are probably curious whether your country has Google for Nonprofits. Check the list of countries. If your organisation is in Australia, Australia is listed as one of the countries supported by Google for Nonprofits. Now, check the eligibility guidelines.

But, honestly, if you are not sure whether your organisation is eligible or not, it does not hurt to apply. Check out the quick start guide for Google nonprofits made by Google Workplace Admin.

Final Thoughts

Let’s make this straight. Google for Nonprofits is not an alternative for other marketing and fundraising strategies but an improvement. You can use these tools and take leverage of the platforms and techniques it offers.

Either way, it is up to you which features give the best in connecting with your audience. There are no drawbacks to using Google for Nonprofits. You can’t find any platforms that give out valuable ad credits. Thus, do not let this opportunity slip.

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