You have to reach a broader scope when guest blogging. It is not easy to look for websites and bloggers that offer guest posting opportunities. That’s why you need these must-have guest blogging tools, and these help you find prospects quickly and efficiently.

Guest Blogging Tools You Must Have

Equip your content marketing and management team with these 8 helpful guest blogging tools. Having a few of these tools help you expand your blogger outreach and guest posting campaigns.

Which do you think of these tools you will add to your guest blogging tool kit?

SEO Moz ToolBar

There is no doubt about the excellency of MozBar, and it is the best comprehensive toolset for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Although SEO Moz ToolBar is not solely dedicated as an outreach tool, you can check the helpful metrics to determine if the website is good for linking prospecting.

When you use MozBar for link prospecting, you can have an initial quality check of their website. It gives you the SERP overlay of the Page Authority and Domain Authority of the links. Moreover, if you are using MozBar Firefox, it allows you to export the SERP to a CSV file. The CSV file is beneficial when using other analysis or guest blogging tools.


Website Authority Checker

Whether you are new or old in this industry, it is impossible not to recognise Ahrefs. It is one of the best SEO tools. You can easily find the most shared topic across social media platforms from any niche and industry.

It is the best tool for content creation. Moreover, the metrics results of Ahrefs is much easier to understand. You can use their Website Authority checker to determine the strength of the domain you are about to ask for a guest post opportunity.

Always keep a winning SEO strategy to captive more audience and increase the engagement and conversion rate.

Emotional Headline Analyser

In content marketing, digital marketers emphasise the importance of engaging headlines and post titles. But, how can you make it clickbait? Make it emotional. Consumer purchase decisions are based on their emotions and later justify them with their logic.

You have to understand that your target audience is in a frustrated, curious, or confused state— they need answers, solutions, or troubleshooting steps. Thus, if you cannot grab the emotion of your target audience, you will not get their attention and skip your post.

Consumers do not buy for logical reasons; it is because of their emotions. If you can stir their emotion, there is a greater chance they will read and share your article.

A smart writer creates emotion-evoking content from headline to conclusion. However, the content should be relevant and high-quality. It may be an emotional approach, but it should not state facts. You will not succeed if your content is all fluff.

With this, digital marketers and SEO agencies use the Emotional Headline Analyzer. It is a tool developed by the Advanced Marketing Institute. The SEO tool helps businesses create an emotional-triggering headline or title for their content.

Emotional Headline Analyser

The Emotional Headline Analyzer helps you determine if your headline appeals to your target audience. All you need is to write your headline and submit it for analysis. You will receive the result instantly, and the score should be higher than 20%.

If your headline content achieves a score higher than 20%, it appeals equally to the empathetic and spiritual sphere of the audience. It means it piques the audience interest and invokes understanding and solutions to their pain points. That’s exactly the target audience you need.

Use this SEO headline analyser tool to connect with the right audience and create relevant content.


Using BuzzStream puts you at ease. You do not have to worry about tracking and monitoring your backlink profile, or losing the data in the spreadsheet. This guest blogging tool is quite useful for link building and PR-based perspectives.

You can add your email address and set up templates for your outreach emails; these greatly help your team’s productivity.

Citation Labs Link Prospector

From the tool name itself, Link Prospector, this tool is a great help in identifying prospects for guest posting opportunities.

The tool allows its users to select regions, filter results, sort by published date range and other category filters that would easily take you to the search depth. You only have to submit the keywords or phrases and wait for the report.

Although your primary purpose for using this tool is for guest posting, you can find other report metrics and analyses: content promoters, reviews, link pages, and more.


Guest blogging is not only finding the right prospects but also satisfying them with the content you propose to post on their website. Long time users of this plugin claim that it helps drive more traffic and increase website visibility by 285%.

Using Squirrly can help make your content successful. It is an SEO services plugin that optimises your content for the right keyword and audience. You do not have to worry much about content marketing.

You only have to install Squirrly on your WordPress dashboard. Use this plugin more often to search for long-tail keywords to rank higher and make your website more profitable.


As mentioned, it is important to maintain relevancy and quality in your content, whether it is for your website or guest posts. Good writing is the lifeline of any content marketing strategy. However, how can you tell if you are a good writer? Well, this question is relatively based on the perception of your skills. That’s when you need this tool.

Trendspottr is an SEO tool that helps determine what your target audience is desperately looking for. If you can provide the information they are looking for, you automatically gain their attention.

Articles or blogs that are controversial or emotionally provocative tends to gain more attention and engagement results. Thus, good writing gives an SEO boost and enhance website visibility.

You may gain additional links with the content you have.

Link Research Tools

The Link Research Tools is an excellent tool kit for SEO and link building. Let’s give credit to where it is due; Christopher Cemper was impressive to develop this toolset.

Although it is somehow similar to SEM Rush, a tool not dedicated to blogger outreach or guest posting, SEM Rush may even be more than enough of what you need. But, it is an incredible set of tools for SEO.


These are a few of the tools in Link Research Tools that are extremely useful for guest blogging:

  • Backlink Profiler: You know how sensitive Google is when your website is linked with websites that are using shady tactics. This tool helps you determine any techniques they have pulled for their backlinks. There’s no need to waste your time and effort, or worse, put your website at risk.
  • Contact Finder: A contact finder helps you filter the contact details of a website and its author. Thus, it makes it easy to reach out to web owners.
  • Link Alerts: It is essential to identify what links come into your website. Monitoring the success of your outreach campaigns give you additional earned links. Thus, any problems are easily determined with link alerts.
  • Link Juice Tool: The tool shows the most valuable websites from an SEO perspective.

Use Guest Blogging Tools to Succeed Outreach Campaign

These guest blogging tools may have been familiar to you, but are you using them for your outreach? If you are not, now is the time to consider them. These guest blogging tools will not only help you monitor and track your outreach progress, but it helps improve productivity and efficiency.

Whether it is free or paid tools, you have to note that some guest blogging tools are not exhaustive by any means. Some tools are new, others disappear, and some limit the scale and results of your efforts. That’s why you have to find the relevant ones and deliver the best results meticulously.