In the past decade, you can feel the influx of businesses taking the digital approach. Business owners have to build and maintain an excellent website to gain more online traffic and generate business revenue.

However, not many businesses succeed in the digital approach. Several digital marketers and business owners failed to crack the secret; poor website functionality and user experience is the fastest way to lose web traffic and revenue.

There are three fundamentals to maintain website usability: web design, search engine optimisation, and web hosting. But, looking for the perfect web design and purchasing a domain name does not give you a reliable website. You must find a worthy web hosting server or hire a reliable web hosting provider is needed to ensure your business will thrive and have a functional website.

What Brings Importance of Web Hosting Server to Websites?

We can enumerate several benefits of having a web host. Web hosting greatly helps websites gain more traffic and earn bigger revenue. Three vital features prove and encourage websites to have a web host server.


It is natural for digital consumers to be cautious in providing their information to websites. Most consumers look for SSL Certification and other security measures, and a reliable website complies.

Reliable websites are equipped with good web hosting servers, which helps ensure website safety and security. It checks whether your website is safe and well-maintained. If Google notices your website is a potential risk to web hackers, it affects your SEO ranking.


Digital consumers are not a fan of waiting, and so is Google. Studies have observed that 40% of web visitors immediately leave a website that loads in less than 3 seconds. Having a web hosting server helps increase your page loading performance and SEO rankings.


World Wide Web suggests hosting service providers can host websites around the world. However, that’s not the case. Google considers the server IP address, which can affect your SEO rankings.

If you want to ensure your SEO rankings, it is best to have your web host server in the same country it operates. Moreover, it helps increase the web page loading speed making it a win-win situation.

Having web hosting gives you an advantage to these features. But, there are more reasons why web hosting is crucial for your website. Let’s dig for more reasons.

Benefits of Having a Web Hosting Server

These benefits help you better understand why web hosting is a vital investment for a business website.

Improves Overall Website Performance

Overall website performance is crucial for a business. You have to take every metric into account.

According to digital marketing experts, website visitors who are dissatisfied with the website performance leaves the website in less than a minute. Worse, some abandon the platform forever. Website visitors easily abandon slow-loading and hard to navigate websites.

You probably thought working on your web design was the only solution for this. Well, a clean and minimalistic website design can help boost your website page speed. However, to best maintain and improve the overall website performance, hiring a professional web hosting provider helps.

Effective Data Management

Most amateur web hosting providers offer limited website layout, ads frequency, and content management solutions. It is important to partner with a professional web hosting provider.

A professional solution offers web developers to manage their content and data effectively. You can add several web pages without worrying it underperforming.

Freedom to Choose Web Design and Templates

Web design is among the crucial elements of web development, but second to choosing the right web hosting provider. Most web visitors base their impression on the reliability and credibility of the website structure and design.

If you use the same overused web design and template, there’s a great chance your target visitors judge you for being not professional enough. However, if you have the right host solution, they do not limit their services with designs and templates.

Thus, you can create and customise websites to look more professional and unique from your competitors.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Websites backed up by a free website hosting service often crashes. It cannot handle the high influx of website traffic. Thus, only a few people can visit your website. More so, you only have a limited amount of data on your website.

If you hire a professional web host provider, they allow you to choose a package that best suits your space and bandwidth needs.

Increases SEO Ranking

Web hosting service providers allow businesses to have immense control over their SEO strategies and practices. It helps businesses increase their SEO ranking by improving their on-page and off-page SEO techniques.

Digital marketing experts understand that improper SEO practices would affect the quality of a website. That’s why having the control to create content, use the right keywords, and other SEO opportunities help you create a winning strategy.

High Uptime

You might be curious about what “high uptime” means. Have you encountered banks announcing their website downtime for maintenance? How frequent your website undergoes downtime depends on the web host’s uptime.

A reliable web host provider offers a remarkable high uptime. This web host offers 99.5% uptime, only giving 0.5% for system updates, repair, and maintenance. Clearly, it is fascinating when you select the right provider.

Brand Dedicated Email Address

Have you noticed the email addresses of large enterprises? They have dedicated email addresses for their business, and it does not have the same weight as emails that use Gmail or outlook. A dedicated email address to your brand adds more credibility.

Only professional web host providers offer to create a domain-specific email address. So even when you acquire a free web hosting server, it does not guarantee a brand dedicated email address. Some providers even give a bonus package with email management tools. These reliable providers love to help digital marketers streamline their email campaigns.

After knowing the importance and benefits of having a web hosting server, you probably wonder how to find a reliable web hosting provider.

A reliable web hosting provider offers high-quality customer service. When you need technical assistance or support, the hosting provider can immediately offer solutions for you to do so. Moreover, aside from this hallmark feature of a reliable web hosting provider, choose the one that offers a flexible plan.

A web hosting provider that allows a plan modification based on your website’s need is what you could ask for. Business owners expect their websites to grow over time. Thus, you can easily modify your plan without any hassle when that happens.

Now, you are probably curious about finding a reliable hosting provider after knowing its importance and benefits.


Regardless of the industry your business falls under, its website must have a web hosting server solution. The success of your website relies on the web hosting service provider and the strategies you apply. Thus, finding a reliable web host solution provider is crucial to ensure your website runs smoothly and gain more online traffic.

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