Being on the top rank is the climax for every business enterprise online. Money cannot guarantee Google ranks. But with effort and strategy, you can improve your position without spending a dime from your pocket.

We sometimes ask ourselves, “what is the worth of my first page results?” According to Infront Webworks, those web pages that rank on the first page of Google SERP receives 95% of the web traffic. Meanwhile, the next pages will only receive 5  percent or less of the total traffic.

If you are new in the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), do not panic. When I was new in the industry, I have a lot of questions on how to improve the ranking and performance of my pages on the search page without incurring any penalties.

I wish I can tell you the shortcut on how to rank your website on number one without any failure and hurdles. However, to be on top, you have to be persistent, dedicated, resourceful, and creative. Since there is no shortcut, I will help and guide you to soar to the top of the SERP.

Follow my suggestions to improve your website ranking and search engine optimization methods. Here are effective ways to improve your website rank:

Publish Relevant Content

The published content on our website is the number one factor in determining the search engine ranking, and there is no other alternative for high-quality and relevant content. In a recent poll conducted for marketing professionals, the results show that more than 50% of them agree that on-page content development is the most effective tactic for SEO.

The content has to provide quality and relevance to its target audience. In this way, the web site will receive more traffic and improve its authority and relevance. How can you gauge your web writing skills? Take note of the following:


Identify and focus on a specific keyword or keyword phrase for each content on your website.  You have to remember that our readers will search for a specific page with search terms. Some of the examples are:

  • how to apply for data entry jobs
  • digital marketing tips
  • best marketing apps

However, we have to remember that it is difficult a higher rank in the search engine for multiple keyword phrases. If you want to rank your website for multiple keywords phrases, you need to make a separate webpage for each of the keyword phrases you are targeting.

Keyword Placement

When you have chosen a keyword or keyword phrase for your content, you have to consider four placements: URL, title, headings, and subheadings. If you can naturally place the keywords in these placements, you will improve the search engine ranking. But, you should also be cautious that the readability and usability of the keywords affect search engine optimization.


Aside from the keyword placement, the website content has a large influence on the search engine ranking. You have to repeat the keyword or keyword phrases several times throughout the content to improve the site rank. Place the keyword once or twice on the introduction and concluding paragraphs, and two to four times throughout the body.

Always use bold and italicized on heading tags and other emphasis tags to highlight the keyword phrases. However, we do not suggest to overuse it. You still have to make your language and writing style be read naturally. Do not sacrifice a better writing output for SEO. You are writing for the target audience, and not for the search engine.

Improve Site Rank with On-Page SEO

Now that you have an idea of which keywords you will target and should target to maximize your website performance, you can apply meaningful on-page SEO changes. Take these few considerations to improve your website ranking:

Optimize title tags

Title tags have a big influence on how a website performs. Use unique and descriptive words on the title tags, and do not forget to apply the target keywords.

Product pages of online businesses and e-commerce companies could be Product Name – Product Category | Brand Name

An example of that is: Qi Wireless Charger – Power Supply | Spigen

Furthermore, you have to remember these following steps in optimizing your title tags:

  • Use dashes (–) and pipes (|) between terms to maximize the title tag.
  • Do not use ALL CAPS in the titles.
  • Place the most important keyword first.
  • Do not use default title tags. It will trigger the Google algorithm to categorize it as duplicate content.

Also, you have to remind yourself that even if Google only shows 60 characters on the results page, do not shorten it if a longer title is best for the content.

Meta descriptions may have little impact on the site ranking, but it has an important purpose in providing a unique factor to the search snippet. It can influence the click-through rate from the results page.

Apply Schema Markup

Schema markups are extra information that helps Google understand the web page content, and gives a massive difference in driving traffic to the website. It features relevant information in an organized and aesthetic manner.

Use Sitemap

Sitemap determines the organization of the website content by providing metadata about the web pages on the site. The information includes the number of revisions of the content, when it is last updated, and the pages related to the other pages on the website.

Ensure a Mobile-Friendly Website

According to Word Stream, 52% of the global internet traffic comes from users that are using mobile devices. Moreover, there is a large percentage between the use of mobile devices and Google search. About 60% of the searches in Google are done on mobile devices.

It was in 2017 when web pages that are not accessible through mobile search will not rank as high. Are you worried that your website is not mobile-friendly? Try checking it on Mobile-Friendly Test. It simply helps you determine if your site is mobile-friendly.

You only have to type in your URL and run the test. As for our website, it is accessible on mobile devices.

Ways to Improve Site Rank - Mobile-Friendly Test

Moreover, it discloses a list of page loading issues. These issues affect on how Google algorithms will see and understand your page. It is best to determine the things you can improve and optimize.

Is your website not yet mobile-friendly? We recommend you to include these on your to-do list to help you improve site rank.

  • Quick and easy fix with services from Mobify or Duda Mobile.
  • Pre-built websites on CMS platforms may install or use mobile plugins.

Websites have to be equipped in responsive web designs to maintain a full functionality across different mobile devices. You can add a meta viewport tag on the web page head:

<meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0>

The meta tag will help browsers determine that the page will adapt to different devices.

Build Links

Focus on having relevant links within the content, instead of using “click here” links, it is best to write out the destination. The words “click here” do not have any value to the search engine unlike using the rich keywords, it will help the search engine rankings. When you use descriptive links in link building, you are not only improving the SEO, but you are also adding value to the readers.

Here are the types of link building and some of the ways you have to do right:

Anchor Text Linking is commonly used to increase the rank of a particular keyword. Instead of directly linking to the primary keyword, link it naturally with generic words. For example, the primary keyword is the best Bluetooth earphones, in link building make it as, find the best Bluetooth earphones reviews.

Image Links are building links using images. When adding an image to a post, type the keyword on the alt text box. It is important to take a step on this as Google will index images and it will link back to your website.

Furthermore, write a page content that will gain more links from sites that are relevant to your website.

Diagnose and Fix Penalties

Now that you have understood how to improve the rank site, you have to monitor the important metrics to diagnose the site performance in detail. There is no point in promoting the website or building links if your website has penalties.

You have to analyze the backlinks to determine those that are harmful to the website. You can easily remove the unhealthy links once you identify them. Also, overusing anchor texts will result in over-optimization.


It is challenging to improve the site rank on Google search, it needs constant improvement and dedication. There may be reliable and effective ways to improve site ranks, but it takes time to fully understand the target audience.

Thus, before applying the strategies we provided, make sure that you have truly understood the target audience and that your content will meet their needs, and solve their problems. There are several ways to grow your business website, but if you need more guidance in doing so, do not hesitate to contact Blue Water Digital for your digital marketing needs.

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