Are you ready to try a new ad strategy?

You may have given all your effort and patience to discover the best ad strategy. Luckily, you have stumbled across LinkedIn. I hope you already have an idea of how to set up LinkedIn ads. If you still do not go over how LinkedIn Ads grow your business.

Do not leave LinkedIn off from your social campaign marketing list! It is quite a powerful advertising platform.

If you already have a background on LinkedIn, then I am assuming that you are researching how to optimize your campaigns– that’s a good step in bringing more potential in thousands of new leads and sales (of course!).

Take these LinkedIn ads best practices into consideration.

What are the Best Practices for LinkedIn Ads?

We can always improve our social ad campaigns to hit the right target audience, provide engaging content, and refreshing platform.

Remind yourself to analyze and optimize your LinkedIn ad campaigns, or any social ad campaign, each month.

1. Target the Right LinkedIn Audience

LinkedIn ads campaigns are only effective if you hit the right audience. If you set a wider audience range, you will have a lower chance of hitting your performance and budget goals. That’s what it is best to check your target audience each month and evaluate your buyer persona.

You can search the attributes of your audience to modify your campaign, and LinkedIn allows you to do so. That’s why, if you have an idea of their personal information, you can easily familiarize your buyer’s persona.

Update the attributes of your target audience regularly to ensure that you hit the best people, and they will engage with your ads. If your target audience lives in different places, then separate them by region. That way, you could reach them on each time zone evenly.

LinkedIn suggests targeting your audience by:

  • Geography – Industry – Seniority
  • Geography – Specific Skills
  • Geography – Type of LinkedIn Group

You can use Matched Audience and Website Retargeting tools to help you add or remove current customers. Meanwhile, the Audience Expansion tool helps you reach a larger audience, which is quite useful for campaign awareness.

2. Monitor Click-Through Rates of Each Campaign

Do you find a low-performing campaign than the others? If so, you might want to look at it.

LinkedIn automatically shows and notify you on which campaigns are less successful and with lower frequency. In this way, LinkedIn is helping you minimize or stop the resources you are spending on low generating ads. Instead, put them on more successful ad variations and campaigns to help you accomplish your marketing goals.

However, it does not mean that because it is underperforming you have to modify the whole campaign. You have to test different variations on the same ad to determine which factor hinders or contributes to its success.

You can edit the copy on the headline, change the feature image, tweak the audience attributes, or update your bids. There are several factors you could tweak. However, it is not advisable to do it at the same time. Determine which factor to fix one at a time.

3. Keep Ad Content Short

The purpose of our LinkedIn Ad copies is to capture the attention of our target audience and giving them essential information that they could use. The attention span of our target audience on social media is shorter than your patience. Do not use long blurbs on your ads– there’s a great chance your audience will scroll past it.

We suggest the following character limits for each LinkedIn Ad format to better convey your message. Keep them short and captivating!

Sponsored Content

  • Headlines: not more than 150 characters
  • Descriptive copy: not more than 70 characters

If you exceed more than the character limit, the text display will be cut off in the end. You do not want your audience to read an unfinished sentence, right? Also, according to the statistics of LinkedIn, sponsored content with fewer characters is higher by 18% in the engagement rate.

Sponsored Video

  • Videos for brand awareness should be less than 30 seconds long.
  • Videos for marketing in the funnel should not be more than 90 seconds long. Those videos at the bottom of the funnel should only be 2 to 6 minutes long.

LinkedIn suggests that video for brand promotion at a shorter length has a higher completion rate of 200%. Meanwhile, marketing videos in funnel targets people who are already engaged with the brand, and they most likely become receptive to videos with longer content.

Sponsored InMail

  • Email messages should not exceed 1,000 characters which include the link.

LinkedIn discovered that most members are active on weekends. But, they open most of the Sponsored InMails on Tuesdays. Sponsored InMails with body copies that are less than 500 characters shows to be 46% higher on CTR average.

Dynamic Ads

  • Make the ad copy on your dynamic ads short and accurate. Secondary headlines are not necessary. Dynamic ads with only a primary headline have a higher CTR average by 25%.

Be straightforward on your ad message. Do not beat around the bush, cut the chase. Tell them how your products or services could help them excel in their professional careers, market insights, or business networking opportunities.

Share the crucial information in the first seconds– before your audiences are distracted.

4. Get Insights from Other Advertising Platforms

You might not expect this, but the final best practice is– do not advertise only on LinkedIn. Get some insights on leveraging platforms such as Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, and Google Ads.

We all know how each of these digital advertising platforms is unique. For example, people search on Google actively, while more people are using Facebook passively. It is a good idea to give your prospects a fair experience across all social media platforms, wherein they can interact with your business seamlessly.

In this practice, you are repurposing your ad copy and retargeting the parameters that work best on other platforms.

You can observe it on other platforms. From a copy perspective– are there themes, keywords, or phrases that you used across the platforms that resonate well with your prospects? If there is, implement these copy elements into your LinkedIn ads.

Feel free to get inspiration from other platforms and modify your copy with these as well.

Final Thought

The right amount of patience and knowledge with LinkedIn best practices can be a huge factor in your company’s marketing success. Apply LinkedIn ads to one of your advertising platforms to reel more leads– do not leave it off the ad platform list!

Always modify your LinkedIn ad campaigns based on your research. A well-researched and optimized campaign has the power to bring more than thousands of new leads and sales.

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