Among the social media platforms, discussion websites, such as Quora, are often overlooked. Only a few know how Quora is a powerful platform to reach more audience for your brand.

If you are not familiar with Quora, here are a few facts about the social media platform:

  • Quora has been around for a decade– it turned 11 this year! It is an easy to navigate question-and-answer platform. Quora has captured the attention of high-level executives, industry insiders, journalists, and most especially, entrepreneurs.
  • Over 300 million monthly users scour Quora at any given time. Marketers are now making use of Quora to reach their audience.
  • There are around half a million topics on Quora, and every topic is worth talking about. Quora works similarly with Reddit. It relies on a credit-based upvote system. The answer and post that has more upvotes will get exposure.

You might ask what you can do on Quora. Well, these are a few of the things you can do:

  • Publish content like you would on other social media publishing platforms.
  • Target questions that are specific to Quora users. If you are lucky enough, you can collaborate with industry influencers.
  • Search for specific topics and keywords related to your business and make them an inspiration.
  • Get your questions in front of more Quora users.

Why is Quora important for your social media marketing strategy?

You might think that a question and answer platform is not an exciting addition to your social media platforms. However, Quora is an excellent platform to generate organic awareness, improve reputation, and help you know and understand more about your audience.

With Quora, you will have:

  • Wide audience reach: Quora has over 300 million monthly visitors, and there’s no doubt that the questions and answers in Quora are shared around social media platforms. That’s why Quora is one of the well-respected user-generated content platforms.
  • Search visibility: When you type a question on Google, Quora will appear. Your content will remain evergreen. It will drive people back to your website whenever there is a problem.
  • Authoritative and leadership potential: Quora hosts high-profile writers. You can join them to boost your brand.
  • High-quality traffic: Your answers to questions related to your product and how you demonstrate your product or service to solve their problems will drive customers back to your website.
  • Audience insights: Quora users are real people who are looking for real answers. If you can provide a solution that can help your audience, they will support you in return by investing in the products and services you offer.

How to Use Quora for Social Media Marketing?

It might not be obvious, but Quora is a powerful platform for social media marketing.

Quora does not only give you a wider audience scope, but it also provides your audience with more information about what they are looking for from your business.

The questions and answers found on Quora is an excellent medium to get insights into what your customers and target audience need. You will know more about what they think and need. Moreover, if you are having a writer’s blog, you can check for the topics discussed in Quora to help you update your blog.

Follow Topics on Quora

Countless people will ask the same topic on Quora. Let’s say you notice several people talking about “When is the best time to post on social media?” by that, you know that topic is worth writing about.

Follow Topics on Quora

What more is you can follow topics on Quora. You can see what people are talking about and how your competitors are responding to it. Get ahead of your competitors by actively responding and giving solutions to the problems of your customers to ensure that you remain relevant in the industry.

Paid Advertising on Quora

It is possible to advertise your brand in Quora. If you have a Quora account, you will notice the Create Ad in your profile and look for the Ads Manager. You have to create an ad account to use the paid advertising feature.

In the Manage Ads section, you can monitor your spending summary. The metrics are shown in four sections– clicks, conversions, impressions, and spend.

Quora Ads Manager

You can use Quora in several ways for social media marketing. If you apply paid ads in Quora, it is best to use conversion targeting. Quora allows companies to monitor and track the impact and performance of the Quora ads on their website. The conversion optimization campaign of Quora tracks the movement between its platform and your website.

Like other social media advertising, you can target your ads for specific audiences and keywords.

Final Thoughts

Quora is a question-and-answer platform that is often overlooked by new digital marketers but greatly helps social media marketing. If you are new or you are not using Quora for your digital marketing, stop wasting time, and make it one of your platforms. There are several Quora best practices that can help you succeed in social media marketing.

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