Google’s performance marketing specialist, Alexandra Storey, reached out to agencies and brands. She discussed how search is a useful advertising tool that helps businesses grow and connect with their customers.

According to Alexandra, there are four fundamental principles to have an effective search strategy. As businesses are evolving at an unmatched rate globally, consumer behaviour has developed as well. But despite the changes, some things stay the same. For agencies, brands, and advertisers, Search has stayed a useful advertising tool that gains their desired business results.

Marketers are following the fundamental principles of Search experiences the results they yearn to have. The foud fundamental principles of Search are:

  • Reachability to consumers
  • Compelling Search copy
  • Experimental to media strategy
  • Data-driven decision

Alexandra had an interview with the leaders of Harmoney, Woolworths, Red Energy, and Resolution Media about how Search takes a vital role in their business.


Be There, Be Visible

The moment you do not show up on Search results equates you are not opening your stores to the public. You can only make a sale and find new customers if you open up your store. Thus, ensure your customers can find your website or store when they look for your products or your category.

Be Compelling

Create a simple Search ad but use compelling language to nudge consumers to take action.

Do Some Experiments

The constant changes in media strategy make it unique from each advertiser. No media strategy fits all advertisers and consumers. Advertisers who experience the best results constantly look for new things and push themselves to maximise the effectiveness of their media strategies.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

In making decisions, art and science go together. Search marketing provides several reliable data to help consumers make a data-driven decision. As for advertisers, they have the power to now how to improve their marketing strategy because of the things they know about the data available– how many searches are in your category? Where are your users from? Which of your product gives the highest profit? These data are giving real-time allowing you to make accurate decisions.


How is Search a useful tool for businesses?

It has been discovered that advertisers and agencies take full advantage of using the best practices and investing in Search across their marketing funnel. Thus, they have a better understanding of their consumer’s behaviour.

It helps businesses have the results that allow them to grow their businesses and connect with their target consumers. 4 common threads tie their Search strategies together:

  • When your business shows up on Search, it helps maintain brand presence.
  • Inspire consumers to take action through compelling Search copy.
  • Do some experiments by testing and learning the consumer culture to unlock business results.
  • Use insights from consumer’s behaviour for data-driven results.

If you want to dive deeper and know more about these principles, look at how consumers decide. There’s a messy middle in each consumer’s purchasing journey you want to know about.