9 Ways to Catch Audience Attention

1. Use Specific Number or Data

50% of your blog post’s effectiveness comes from its headlines. If you fail to make your headline clickable, all of your other marketing strategies will not be as effective. You will be wasting your time.

Integrate specific numbers and data to your headline to effectively catch the attention of your audience. Research studies suggest that headlines with numbers tend to generate 75% social shares and engagement.

According to experts, numbers are brain candy, that’s why headlines with numbers will work every time. Our brains are receptive to numbers because it can automatically organize the information in a logical order.


Remember these:

  • A number is better than words.
  • Use small numbers. They are more digestible than large ones.
  • Odd numbers are seen as more authentic than even numbers.

If you notice, several high authority websites use odd numbers on their headlines. According to the Content Marketing Institute, the brain believes odd numbers more. Try to edit your headline and include an odd number, the click-through rates will increase by 20%!

Use the number and not the word. If you placed “nine,” replace it with 9. However, do not think that using an even number will not do well. Some blogs outperform odd numbers because the author or marketer actively promotes their content.

Final Tips

Let’s wrap things up– I prefer main headlines with the right length, not too short and not too long– just right. When the headline is directed at the target and answers their question, it keeps their attention.

Headlines are not only for blogs. Create winning headlines for your email, and observe how open rates and conversion rates increase dramatically. It is not fair to receive an email without a headline above the body. Remember, the subject line and headline are NOT the same.

Use templates for emails and content that draws more attention and results. After all, the ultimate headline expert is the reader who you are trying to persuade! Your readers will tell you, with what they do, which headlines work and which do not.

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