How well do you know social media automation?

Social media automation uses automated tools to optimize and streamline the process of social media interactions. Automation includes scheduling new posts or republishing popular existing articles.

When you opt to automate social media publication, audience engagement, and social media management, you reduce the number of hours you spend on maintaining and growing brand accounts. Thus, you can allocate the extra time and resources toward other aspects of strategizing your social media marketing.

Basics on Using Social Media Automation

Nothing goes wrong is you use social media automation tools. Here are few tips about automation to get you started:

Automatically Post During Peak Audience Times

You can optimize the audience’s reach by posting at specific times. Make sure that it is the time when your audience is most active on social media platforms. There are best days and times to post on different social media platforms:

  • Facebook: Wednesday at 11 am, and 1 to 2 pm.
  • Instagram: Wednesday at 11 am, Friday from 10 am to 11 am.
  • Twitter: Wednesday and Friday at 9 am.
  • LinkedIn: Wednesday from 8 to 10 am and noon. Thursday at 9 am, and 1 to 2 pm. Friday at 9 am.

Maintain a Steady Number of Queue Posts

It is hard to juggle multiple responsibilities at once. If you do not have a dedicated social media team, it may be challenging for you to post on a regular basis. Use an automation tool to help you publish content based on your content calendar. You can set the time and date when you want the content to be published. By that, you can focus on other tasks that can help your business grow.

Analyze Social Media Data

These tools can analyze social media data in real-time and provide reports of the key metrics, such as the number of impressions or audience reach, and engagement levels. Measure and analyze the performance of your social media campaigns to know which needs improvements. You can customize the reports and send them to your inbox during your desired schedule.

Set Automatic Responses to Customers

As social media platforms allow your loyal customers and target audience to message you directly, the automated tools allow you to set automatic responses. It is important for you to respond immediately regardless of the time.

Despite your unavailability, it helps you improve customer care by sending suggested replies to messages, or a chatbot provides responses to customer questions or comments.

Use social media automation to spend lesser time in updating social media pages yet maximize the reach and audience impressions. There is no need to be always available. The automation tool will help you stay active beyond regular business hours. Moreover, you can analyze the data in real-time.

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