Digital marketing agencies must anticipate potential challenges and develop effective strategies to address them. Clients are the most concern for digital marketing agencies, and they are bound to encounter difficult clients. By understanding the behaviours and communication styles of difficult clients, agencies can tailor their approach to communicate and manage their client relationships effectively.

Here are the types of difficult clients and how to deal with them.


Micromanager clients want to be involved in every aspect of the project. Don’t get me wrong. Clients have the right to know the progress of the project. However, it becomes difficult when they often request frequent updates and nitpick every aspect of the project. You should establish clear expectations and communication channels at the start of the project.

Besides setting boundaries with your client, providing progress reports regularly can keep them in the loop on major developments and help you set boundaries.

Scope Creeper

This type of client constantly adds new requests or changes the scope of the project. Again, don’t get me wrong. It is the client’s right to request some changes. But, they have to consider the impact on timelines and budgets.

If you encounter a scope creeper client, you must create a detailed scope of work upfront and establish a change request process that outlines the timelines and costs for any extra work.


If a client who frequently asks for updates is difficult to deal with, the same with those who are hard to reach. Clients who do not respond to emails or calls will cause delays in the project. It is a must to establish clear communication channels and schedule regular check-ins to keep the project on track. You can also use a project management tool to keep all communications organised.


Some clients may seem unsure of their decisions and constantly changes their mind. If you encounter an undecided client, establish clear deadlines and timelines for decision-making. You may also provide clear options and recommendations to help them guide their choices. However, while patient with them, keep the project on track.

Penny Pincher

Clients have a budget, which is understandable when they look for ways to save money. However, it may be difficult to handle those who question every expense. The client must understand that not all services can be negotiated.

It is important to be transparent about the costs upfront and explain the value of your services, so they know how much to expect. You can provide metrics and analytics of your previous work to emphasise the long-term benefits of investing in quality digital marketing services.

Final Takeaway

Dealing with difficult clients requires clear communication, boundaries, and patience. It is important to be firm on your end to stay organised and minimise the impact of difficult clients on your agency, and continuously deliver quality work. Follow our advice so you can maintain positive client relationships to have repeat business and referrals.