Is creating a blog for our business worth the time, money, and effort? Yes, it sure is! With the fast-changing technological landscape, we have to cope with the increasing demands of our consumers. That is why businesses must create an influential web presence to engage and communicate with their prospects and consumers.

Don’t believe the hype? Feel free to check these statistics:

  • 8 out of 10 marketers use blog posts to achieve their overall marketing goals.
  • 6 out of 10 consumers claim to see the value of blog posts. It helps the buying process easier.
  • 80% of the business enterprises that use blogging for their marketing strategy, report having acquired consumers through their blogs.
  • In blog promotions, 97% of bloggers use social media platforms.
  • An average of 16 blog posts per month will give businesses 3.5 times more traffic.

More so, consistent blogging is one of the effective methods to build brand awareness. Through blogs, you are providing useful and relevant content to your target audience. Let’s understand more about the benefits of blogging for businesses.

What are the Benefits of Blogging?

Sure there are benefits of blogging. For the past few years, business owners are promoting their businesses through content marketing. It has surpassed the impact of television advertising and the printing press.  With the uptrend of digital technology, companies have found better ways to give more benefits to their customers.

Here are some of the reasons why you should have a blog:

Gives Value to Customers

Blogging - Understanding the Benefits of Blogging for Businesses – Standout with Content

We cannot argue with this, but we do our best to give our customers the best overall experience, right? But how can we make them feel valued?

Most consumers shrug those contents that are overly sales-talked. Why? Simple, they have no substance or story to follow; it is just a bunch of sales posts. But, with blogs, we can freely and directly speak to our prospective customers.

We have to make our customers feel valued through blogging. One of the most important benefits of blogging is to provide a better consumer experience than competitors.

Blog posts give essential keys and information to the target audience for FREE. It helps and guides potential buyers before they make a purchasing decision. Some blog posts share helpful ideas, checklists, tips, or how-to guides. What’s the point of these contents, then? Through these types of blog posts, we give helpful content to the consumers, which will lead them to purchase the products or services.

Educate first before selling. Yes, take note of the word “educate.” Giving information is more powerful. It provides trust and relevance to the brand. Also, the potential customers would feel special as they think you have already thought about their situation. They assume you are anticipating the questions they have.

Get not only their attention but also their hearts. Understand your prospects and customers.

An example of this industry is Watson Buys.

Watson Buys is a marketplace for real estate properties. They help homeowners sell their house fast by buying their home with cash upfront. From our point of view, they bridge the gap between homeowners and agents. What makes them great and exemplary? The fact that they are providing vital information to answer the needs and queries of their clients. The blog does not only promote their services, but they are also giving out ideas and advice that guides homeowners. Their blog adds value to their clients; in turn, their clients trust their services as it meets their needs.

Establish Business as an Industry Expert

Industry Expert - Understanding the Benefits of Blogging for Businesses – Standout with Content

The first impression lasts, don’t they? Make your blogs presentable and the content entertaining and informational, it will reflect the voice and personality of our brand. These things will help your blog stand out from the rest, and your target audience will develop a deeper bond with you.  Establish a transparent brand that they would love to visit and read with.

You are writing a blog to share knowledge with your customers about the industry and interesting matters related to the brand. To become one of the successful companies, consistently publish blog articles that assert authority as an expert and leader of the industry. Being seen as an industry expert builds trust within consumers and confidence in your brand. Users who frequently read the blogs you post will naturally have a relationship with you and finds your blogs reliable.

Educate and build trust before you try to sell your products and services.

We have an industry example for this benefit, Airbnb is winning in this strategy.

Airbnb has a blog page entitled Belong Anywhere. They connect with their readers by sharing blogs about the experiences of their guests and destination reviews. Now, when people think of budget vacations, they would never miss out on checking Airbnb. What did the industry leaders though of when making their innovative startup? Blogging, with it, they are on top of the mind of people who are planning their vacations.

Boost Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimisation is not all about ranking. It deals with a long-term strategy that will make your business more visible than your competitor in the search engine results. How will you do this? There are two methods to reach this type of online visibility.

One method is to write blog posts with high-ranking keywords. Most of the target audiences search these keywords. It is a great way to make sure that you are also publishing relevant content. Thus, when the search engine algorithm crawls, they will find your blog using the high-ranking keywords multiple times. With the relevance of your post, the algorithm will determine and place your business website at a higher rank on the results page.

Ranking higher in the search engine results is one of the biggest benefits of blogging.

One of the industry examples is law firms. Have you ever searched on Google how to hire a lawyer? You will probably see these results:

SEO - Understanding the Benefits of Blogging for Businesses – Standout with Content

These are the top results from different law firms. Those businesses that post blogs consistently can use online tools to increase their visibility in searches. Moreover, you can create more blog topics from the searches you find popular and related to your niche.

Generate Leads 

Businesses can create an email list of interested prospects by asking them to subscribe to your newsletters. In the newsletter subscription, you can communicate with the prospects and consumers, and promote about your business. The more interactive you are with your target audience, the greater chance you will convert them.

The first step in strategizing lead generation is the demand. You will capture those who are interested and potential consumers through the contact form. Businesses I’m to generate demand from the market to sell their products or services. That’s why businesses often use blogs to present and announce their new products, features, and the solutions they can provide.

Fill Out Form - Understanding the Benefits of Blogging for Businesses – Standout with Content

Apple is a great example of utilizing demand generation through content presentations and blogs. Each year, when they have a new product or software to release, their leaders will launch a keynote presentation to excite their brand followers. With their presentation and blog contents, many people are following their release.

To summarize, there are three stages to capture potential customers to your business– awareness, consideration, and decision. These stages have an assertive function to convert a customer.

In addition, blogs that use checklists, tips, and how-to topics attract and convert more customers. it will help them look form ore information about the product. These types of blogs push consumers to be aware and considerate of the products. The testimonials content marketing helps potential consumers to decide before purchasing from you. See, blogging is an important element in lead conversion, as well as for your business.

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Increase Online Exposure and Visibility

Online Visibility - Understanding the Benefits of Blogging for Businesses – Standout with Content

Some business owners think it is better to invest in the operations and management of the business rather than on advertising and promotions. However, how can you build brand awareness without spending resources for promotion?

Even if blogging is the common answer to most questions. If your blog provides value to the target audience, the search engine will notice it no matter what. It becomes a great strategy to provide information about new products and services on their website.

Add value to the community with relevant blogs and articles, it will earn online exposure. More so, it will become the medium to spread awareness about new products and features of your brand.

Gain Feedback

Gain Feedback - Understanding the Benefits of Blogging for Businesses – Standout with Content

Blogging is not only a source of information, but it is a great medium for discussion. Customers can leave their opinions about the business through the comments. It is not only an extension to gain knowledge, but it is also a place where customers can tell what they like and do not like about the product or service. They have the freedom to express their testimonials with other users about the product or service.

What if they will share bad comments about my product, would it taint my business?

There will always be hassles and hurdles in blogging. But, just like social listening, you can adjust the marketing and advertising strategy, or even improve your products or services based on consumer engagement and feedback.

Do you have an idea of other benefits of blogging for businesses? Tell us what you know in the comment section below.

It is helpful to have the target audience and consumers leave inquiries and feedback on the comments.

Stay Ahead of Competition

Ahead of Competition - Understanding the Benefits of Blogging for Businesses – Standout with Content

It sounds surreal, but businesses who employ blogging on their website are likely to have more visitors that will make a purchase. A recent observation shows that businesses that are consistent in posting interesting blogs have encouraged 55% of their target audience to try their products or services.

Blogs are not only seen as an expert in their industry. It is a source of information for consumers that greatly helps them choose the right products or services for them. What does to be ahead mean?

While other businesses are busy selling their products or campaigning their services. Capitalize on starting a blog that shares how the products or services help the consumers. Blogs like this do not give off promotional nature. Instead, it provides a unique advantage as it presents ideas on the benefits of the product or service.

Build Relationships

Connections - Understanding the Benefits of Blogging for Businesses – Standout with Content

Last, but not the least, through blogging you build relationships. Not only with your consumers, but also with other companies as well. Ultimately, you are contributing to the industry’s community. With your participation, you are building trust with the target audience and potential customers.

Building relationships is a valuable strategy for future business opportunities.


You have not launched a blog for your business, yet? What are you waiting for? If this is the validation you need, then there is no reason to look further! You definitely want to establish yourself as an expert in the industry, as well as increase the online exposure of your business. Then, take advantage of blogging as one of your digital marketing strategies.

May you be in a large or small business enterprise, blogging is a must. Create unique, relevant, and engaging content for your blog. If you do not have time, resources, or expertise to optimize your website, call an expert in digital marketing, like Blue Water Digital.

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