I was talking to a new client yesterday about Search Engine Optimisation for their website (not built by us) to help get it ranking better on Google for a number of search terms.

I did a review to see where this website was at presently, only to find it was in a pretty ordinary state and it’s prompted me to write this bit of advice on how to theme your website pages correctly.

Everything I do with websites, I see from a Google point of view. I am a technical person and see everything in 1’s and 0’s and know how pages should be built to get you the best results, especially when it comes to ranking well on Google Search results page.

So when you are writing content and selecting images for your website pages, it is important that it all matches the purpose of the page as well as all the technical elements too.

Let’s say you are a local handy man business servicing suburbs in Sydney and you are building a page with information about “Gutter Cleaning”

Ideally you should have a page all about “Gutter Cleaning” and nothing else.

The text, the images, the call to actions, need to all be about Gutter Cleaning.

The technical parts of the webpage also need to line up. The URL is self should be along the line of www.handymanbusness.com/Gutter-Cleaning-Sydney , The title of the page, the meta description and even the alt-text should all have a common theme. (if this is a bit technical, don’t worry. We are here to help)

This may sound pretty obvious but more often than not, we come across websites where this is completely missed. Very common is just a list of the services that the business offers with no dedicated page, nor even extra text about the service.

So, why do this?

Think about it. If a client is searching on Google for “Gutter Cleaning Sydney” and your business has a page about “Gutter Cleaning in Sydney” with lots of information and pictures about the topic, you’ll be very relevant to that search, right?

Therefore this will give you a fighting chance of appearing on the Google Search Results page. And if you have lots of pages like this for every service you offer. You’ve now just opened the doors for lots more targeted keywords on your website. Well done!

Take a look through your website today. Are there areas that you can improve? More text? Better images?

Quality is the key here. Focus on building good quality with the right foundations and the rest will fall into place.

The other flipside of doing this too, is that with high quality and highly relevant web pages, your cost of paid advertising, such as Google Ads decreases because you become more relevant to your clients search terms.

That is a whole another article, Stay tuned for that one.

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