First impression lasts. If you want your target audience to remember and recognise your brand, you have to make a positive impression.

It only takes a few seconds for your visitors to judge the credibility of your business. If it only takes that much time to decide whether they should trust your business through your website design, then website design matters.

If you are not yet convinced, here are the 5 reasons you should invest in web design.

5 Reasons to Invest in Website Design

Did you know web visitors’ first impression of your brand is 94% related to your website design? Your potential customer checks out and judges your design before making a call.

A well-designed website is not only aesthetically pleasing; it generates real money. That said, here are other reasons why you should invest in web design:

Website Usability and Navigation

Based on statistics, web visitors do not only browse for products and services; some look for information about your business and contact. You can help them find this information easily if you have a good website design. Otherwise, it potentially makes them leave your website.

Moreover, navigation is a crucial element of website design. The structure is laid out matters; you have to keep the options minimal. The more choices you offer, the longer it takes for the users to decide. Limit the options to less than seven.

It’s best to follow the standard website structure, such as placing the primary services in the navigation menu or displaying contact information in the upper portion of your website. However, it does not end at making your website usable and easily navigated. You have to make your website aesthetically pleasing.

A good website design influences both usability and perception of usability.

Fast and Responsive

Most people use their mobile devices more daily; that’s when Google pushed the mobile-first approach. A mobile-responsive website has to be as good or better than its desktop website design. This approach makes websites remain relevant and visible online.

Web designers are now busier than ever in making their website responsive on desktop and any screen size. Besides having your website responsive to all screen sizes, it should be fast-loading.

Google considers page loading time as a ranking factor and recommends website should load fewer than 3 seconds. If your website loads more than 5 seconds, you lose more opportunities than you have imagined. Websites that load fast keep users for a longer time resulting in higher conversion rates.

Various elements and approaches in website design significantly impact your website loading speed. Do not apply elements that take time to load; reduce unnecessary ones that take up your white space.

Make your web design clean and simple; a faster and simple website is always better.

Aids Strategy in Search Engine Optimisation

Website design aids in how a search engine crawls and indexes your website. Website design is involved several elements and practices that influences published content. If your on-page SEO fundamentals do not have a strong foundation, building your online visibility is a hard battle.

You have to add an SEO-friendly code to your website structure as it directly involves SEO metrics if you are unsure of the best web design practices and gains more search engine visibility, partner up with a website design agency.

Builds Audience Trust

Website visitors have severe trust issues regarding websites and their security. If your website is poorly designed and the information looks outdated, they will not trust your website and immediately leave.

Think about a customer who wants to purchase bulk orders. But upon checking your content and navigating through your web pages, it does not convey trust? Simply, this customer leaves and finds another business to fulfil their satisfaction.

Converts Target Audience to Customers

You cannot trust a shabby website. Your target audience obviously judges your customer service by designing your website. If you do not put any effort into your website, your audience knows you are not trying to solve your customer’s problem.

See your website as a customer service representative. It gives the impression that you are an open and welcoming business.

When you are about to design your website, remember it as the digital face of your business.

Website Design is More than Looks

Visual matters, but it is a common misconception that website design is solely about its appearance. But the truth is, a good design is how the website is functional and usable; the art of its design only comes after.

We strongly believe that a good design almost feels invisible. Everything is seamless that it is hard to notice. But, a poor design is noticeable. You can see how hard to use and navigate a poorly-designed website is.

Now that you know that website design matters and you have to invest in it, it is time to improvise the elements you used on your website designs. Let’s transform it into a quality web design.